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June 02, 2010


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Farm Sanctuary

Thanks for your comments, everyone - it is so encouraging that there are also so many compassionate people like you out there. The investigation is ongoing, and we don't yet have any additional news to report, but we remain vigilant in following the case and are committed to helping any animals we can. We'll keep you posted on progress and thanks again for all your support.

Tina Schmaltz

I'm happy to know there are farm sanctuarys like yours where these poor animals can be treated with kindness. I watched the Conklin Farms video and cried almost as soon as it started. I don't understand why or how any human being could be this cruel to an animal. The poor cows and calves had no way to defend themselves and you can tell how frightened they are but these people kept on beating them to death. Does anyone know if the calves and/or cows are still alive or if they tried to cover the evidence by killing them and burying the bodies? I pray every night for the animals and signed the petition for better treatment of all farm animals. I hope everyone who looks this up goes to the petition website and signs up.


What animals endure in terms of cruelty and sickening abuse is something that we must think about when we walk into every grocery store and see all the animal products which come from these torture chambers that we call "farms". These products are tainted with their agony and pain. Please be conscientious and stop supporting the very system which is abusing the helpless sentient beings which feel and love like we do. We must not marginalize them or be arrogant in adopting an incorrect and twisted perspective that just because we have controlled and contained these beings that we can beat and traumatize them with such unspeakable abuse. We must have the guts and courage to protect them and to say that ABUSE IS UNACCEPTABLE AND MUST STOP NOW!

Rose Garcia Ogorzaly

Having been an anti-bullfight activist for over a decade, I am not shocked at the abuse the calves and cows endure! Bulls, cows and calves are tortured and killed in bullfights (corridas) in Spain, Portugal, southern France, and in many Latin American countries!

They even have "baby bullfights" in Spain where young boys torture and kill calves. Cows are also killed by both women and male matadors. Bullfgiht "schools" in Spain teach their youths numerous ways to inflict pain and cause suffering to bovines of all ages!
And these are tolerated and encouraged under the guise of "culture and art."

Like the pig and horse, bovines are some of the most abused anmals in the world!

Ashley Browning

This article brought me to tears. I am so thankful that there are places like this who take in unloved animals and show them what love is. I pray everyday for the cows at Conklin Farms and I hope that they are given to Sanctuary Tails so that they may live the rest of their lives with peace like they deserve.

Big Al

It is beyond disturbing to see such inhumane behavior towards a domesticated animal held completey at the mercy of its owner/captor.
Let's not forget that we are all complicit in these crimes when we continue to support the industry as it is by buying meat and dairy products without review or oversight.

John Carbonaro

In general, all animal use is abuse, since in essence they don't belong to us.

Heather Sinclair

I found it extremely difficult to watch that video, it broke my heart to see not just adult cows being beaten but babies too...i see that and feel so helpless, i cannot defend them nor reassure them, i was forced to watch something i had no control over, i forced myself because i feel it is important to see what is happening, it makes me so angry and this anger will make me fight for them. After watching that cruel video i then watched another video about farm life and what the animals have suffreed and have decided to go vegetarian. It just sickens me that people can be so cruel to these little beasts, they do not deserved that. It would be interesting to see the reactions if someone were to make a video about cruelty on farms but use human actors instead( and computer generated babies) but put them in situations that these animals have to endure, it would cause outrage but what is the difference between a cow/pig/chicken and a human? we are all living, we all deserve respect and a happy, carefree life yet through the hands of humans these animals are denied that. I hope that somethng can be done and i hope that laws will change so that this abuse stops.

Cindy Wines

This is so sad. These are living, breathing animals that can feel pain and have personalities. Why are they so cruel, Why??? Are these people mental or have something against these gentle creatures. Why do they have to take away the babies so soon?
At least wait until they are weaned. Jane Velez Mitchell needs to have this on her show again, There must be public outrage, a new law, The USDA must be more vigilent!!!


i dont understand why people have to be so cruel to animals. it breaks my heart and makes me hate the human race. i feel so helpless and would like to go to every abused animal and rescue them. and i would love to do what they do to these animals to the humans. i hate that people are so cruel. i just dont know what to do, i wish people felt the way all animal lovers did

DeAnn Higginbotham White

Thank God for Farm Sanctuary and wonderful people like you Susie!!! Keep up the great work and writing. As for the barbarians that have no clue to what their ignorance and brutality has done to traumatize the poor animals. I pray God's vengence is seen sooner than later.


You've spoken eloquently here and from someone like me who was rocked to the core by this video, yet admittedly not well-versed in the daily riggors of farming livestock, I appreciate but am still saddened to learn this probably wasn't an isolated incident (as I've read many time since last week). Maybe the majority of other farms don't have the height of cruelty dispalyed at Conklin, but like you said, using eletric prods and kicks to get cows to stand up - that breaks my heart. You folks seem to be able to do it humanely...are other places in such a hurry that they can't treat these animals nicely at all? Don't we all know you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar? And what about the Golden Rule? It's a basic life lesson that we all should follow much more closey. I appreciate your post, and will follow. Also - Glad to hear Billy Joe got another charge under his belt. Step in the right direction.

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