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June 04, 2010


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awww, he's so adorable!

elizabeth pickard

I love you guys at Farm Sanctuary, for all you do to help protect innocent animals from a life of abuse and suffering.... I watched the video on the cow abuse at the cronklin farms. I don't think I will ever recover from watching a man hit a cow repeatidly with a crow bar until she was spitting blood. I know that she died. Why? I just want to know why he did that to them, I don't understand, she was desperatly trying to pull away from him could'nt he see that he was hurting her, that he was killing her? God help all the farm animals everywhere because I know that this is not an isolated incedent!!!I pray to GOD who created her to forgive those men for what they did to her and the others and that they both get the maximum sentence thats possible. I pray that the farm closes down from lack of buisness. I also pray that you get all of the animals that were seen on the video!!! Then they will know what love really is!!!!:) God Bless everything that you guys and gals do for all of those loving,intelligent,social and caring animals! With deepest thanks,Annie Pickard

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