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February 10, 2010


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deana - gwg

This is such a beautiful story! I must be in an emotional mood because I'm struggling to hold back tears. Farm Sanctuary is AMAZING!

Sanctuary Girl

They are adorable! Interspecies relationships like this make me smile.

I love pet rats and I used to have a rescue ratty named Summer (who has since passed away).

Summer had the most wonderful relationship with my dog Charlie. She would sit on his back and groom him and at other times Charlie would lie on his back and try and lick her as she ran towards his mouth and then ran away again in a game.

She would also creep up and pull his fur for fun and Charlie would just wag his tail.


This is my kind of love story for Valentine's. Thank you for this heart-warming story, and for your warm heart taking care of these souls.



I love you guys ! This is a great project.


Oh, how cute. And then people say animals don't have feelings! Thanks for sharing the story!

Karen N Encarnacion

Wow, Susie. How swoony.

Hooray for animals in love :)

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