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February 25, 2011


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please change the law for these animals.

To allow animals to be abused and to suffer for any reason makes us savages.

To give animals of all species respect and to treat them with dignity shows we understand that we are all sentient beings.

We must help the animals and stop the abuse! All animals need us to protect them from all kinds of mistreatment, they must be treated humanely!!!!!!!

I have always contend that USDA should do a better job in the insopection of animal farm facilities. The mistreatment and torture of these farm animals are incomphrensible yet USDA inspectors ignore them. WHY? Do they become too friendly with the owners'of these farms? I wonder. It takes the organizations such Farm Sancutuary,Mercy for Animals and PETA to bring out to the attention of the world the sufferings that these farm animals endure. The USDA inspectors should pay more attention to these horrendous practices in the farm industry.

Pigs, sheep and goats DO suffer as much as the larger animals when headed to slaughter. What justification is there to man-handle and injure ANY creature, large or small as it is headed to an already anticipated and dreaded death!

Done! Let's hope they listen.

1) how can people do such evil things

2) how can our government be so stupid and insincere as to ask for public "approval" before they
will act

3) where is the justice for the entire animal kingdom

thank you for all that you do

very sad indeed. all animals should be respected, protected and cherished. if they are to be used for food, then make their last trip to the slaughter house a humane one.
or better still go vegan. matter solved.

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