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December 16, 2010


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I hope the person who committed such despicable, heinous, cruelty receives the maximum penalty on each and every count!

I hope so, too!

PLEASE CONTINUE TO FOLLOW THIS CASE, taking action on the animals’ behalf where possible, and, please keep us updated as to what to do as far as communication with the proscecution.

Thank you Diana for sharing this story. I still can't fathom how anyone in today's society could do this. Centuries ago - ok maybe. They didn't have technology or thousands of groups that would step up and help. They didn't have 24/7 media where all one would need to do is contact their news station, it would air and people would race to the aid of those animals.

There's just absolutely, positively NO excuse for it. Let's hope not only he gets the maximum pentaly, but that the pigs lives will serve as a building block to make change in law.

RIP little piggies.

I'm glad this ''farmer'' pled guilty but only 10 counts of animal cruelty and a $2500 fine shows how weak Animal Cruelty laws are. He should spend YEARS in jail but at least it's a step forward for farm animals.

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