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September 16, 2010


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Simply put, this is scary. It's wrong on every level. It's not surprising the FDA is in bed with "Aquaculture," what is alarming is the lack of media coverage and awareness on the issue. The animal rights argument is compelling in its own right, but throw in human health, enrironmental and moral concerns and the very fact the FDA would consider this is blasphemous. Good work Farm Sanctuary.

What passes as food keeps getting scarier Thankyou for keeping me educated and informed.

I couldn't believe this when I first saw it. The FDA has about has much interest in health, welfare and safe food production for the american people as Goldman Sachs.
Where is the open forum when it comes to controlling modifications to our freaking food supply?
Unless the american people bring this action to a grinding halt,
Soylent Green may very well become "Science Factual". God help us!

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