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October 20, 2009


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What an inspiring and mind opening post. I am vegan and often frustrated by my animal loving friends eating meat but this has helped a little in allowing me to understand their ideology.

I'm not sure we need a new term to signify "speciesism," and if we do, I'm not sure that "carnism" is the way to go. Other than that, I think the points made here are excellent. Particularly, I think it is important to have compassion for those who continue to eat animal products. Most of us are not born into veganism (unfortunately), and it behooves us to remember all the years we spent eating meat, dairy and eggs, and trying not to hear what animal advocates before us were saying. When we advocate to omnivores, we are advocating to our past selves.

As Henry Spira (1927-1998), one of the true heroes for animal rights said:
"I began to wonder about the appropriateness of cuddling one animal while sticking a knife and fork into another."

Melanie Joy is such a creative thinker-can't wait to read her new book. Nicely done Chris, I enjoyed the posting!

Yes times eight thousand!

Great article! Thank you for your initiative and research. Keep it up! Spread the word on ethical veganism/vegetarianism!

Wow, you made my day! I knew it all along thinking it s so wrong to eat animals all my life even though Iam a deaf person. I see their pain and eyes. I KNOW THEIR PAIN! Read my story that is published by a website. Click at and my story is on the bottom. My name is Tabitha Visco. ENJOY reading my story.

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