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i like vegetables that good eating habit...

I am always happy to find even one vegan dish in a restaurant, but even when there is not one I find that most chefs become rather excited at the idea of the challenge of making one of their meals vegan.

It helps even more if you call ahead. Of course I still feel more at home at vegan restaurants and I am often overwhelmed by the choice. I am only used to having one or two options in most restaurants.

Eating at home however, me and my husband are constantly surprising family and friends with the wonderful array of vegan food. In fact sometimes they don't even believe it's vegan, because it tastes too good!

Yes, many Asian cultures manage to eat well with very little meat or dairy. American food culture has gotten off track in the past few decades. "Progress" now will mean creating local sources of food that are kind to animals and the environment.

We had the same experience several years ago- visiting Tofu House, finding it was not vegetarian and almost leaving, and then being reassured by the staff and tempted into discovering the joys of vegan Korean dishes. We have since enjoyed eating healthy and delicious meals at many more Korean restaurants in the Monterey-Santa Cruz area (where we live) and the Bay Area and beyond.

Many ethnic restaurants are pleased to cater to vegans, even if there is nothing vegan on the menu, and we have learned to ask instead of assuming the worst and leaving. We now frequent a local Vietnamese noodle house for their excellent vegan pho, have found several Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, and Indian restaurants with vegan offerings, and have also added Ethiopian cooking to our list of favorites! What a wonderful world of delicious and cruelty-free culinary delights!

Thank you for your tireless work on behalf of the animals, and for getting out the vegan message in such a positive and inspiring way.

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