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October 15, 2009


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In Foer's defense (I haven't seen Food Inc. so I won't comment on that)--giving up dairy is kind of scary and overwhelming for a lot of people. A lot of people might be willing to try "giving up meat" but would be scared of the prospect of giving up milk and eggs, too. And if every article about vegetarianism hammers home the (IMO, true and valid) point that every argument against eating meat is also an argument against milk and eggs, that may just convince people not to even try.

OTOH, if people do give up meat, they may find that it's not so terribly hard to go the rest of the way, too. In my case, I decided to give up dairy pretty soon after I gave up meat--though I admit I'm a lot less consistent about it. (e.g. I don't eat meat, anywhere; but milk and eggs, for me, fall into the category of "I don't ask what's in the cookie, because I'm just as happy not knowing." But I don't pick it out for myself.)

Excellent information Jasmin, thanks! Thanks also for the link to Mia's presentation and .ppt. You're right - staggering information.

Hey ShoutingBoy, I hear your concerns, but the time for soft-peddling is past. Giving up meat alone, while continuing to consume eggs and dairy, does little for animals, your health or the environment. Probably the best we can say is that moving to an ovo-lacto-vegetarian diet gives people a chance to see that they CAN make changes in their diet without the sky falling down. But the same thing could be accomplished by giving up dairy and eggs while still eating meat. As animal advocates, we should always promote a vegan diet as the ultimate goal that people should be moving toward. The only reason that many people continue to view veganism as “too difficult,” “too scary,” or “too extreme” is that they lack exposure to it. Veganism may be a revolutionary departure from the standard American diet, but it is anything but difficult or extreme, and that is the message we should be shouting from the rooftops (or calmly discussing at the office water cooler).

Not Weened?
Well time to get off the dairy! Your body will thank you.

Dairy: liquid meat with hormones.

Great info Ms. Singer!

Another to do: encourage climate change groups/events to have in their presentations and to recognize (including Al Gore) that meat AND dairy cattle have drastic impacts on environmental health.

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